I'm aware of and sensitive to the challenges of being a woman of color and struggling with Career Paths after high school. No-one shows you or even speak about being your own boss. When I was in high school I was left out everyone I knew was applying for college and I had this word "Entrepreneur" Stuck in my head. I knew whatever my career path would turn out to be I would create and make a way for other girl ladies . I now  provide solutions, knowledge and a sacred environment in our community for young girls to increase your confidence ,work ethic & motivation after high school .  I aim to make your time at The Hair Bar  relaxing ,positive & inspiring. My social media platforms are used to promote reach out and encourage young people. I have hosted and attended over 50 Entrepreneur Mentor, Women's Beauty and Business Expos with other successful Entrepreneurs my goal is to be as impactful as I can be to our youth and community by continuing to offer job opportunities & internship here at The Hair Bar OC.

Our Winter & Summer Internships are 3 month for ages 15-21 for 4 days a week & receiving an official certificate of 


Our girl receive training on how to engage with clients, manage their own business, variety of hair methods ,time management, money management, personal development and more.